Vanderkley Amplification is a small company in the Netherlands, which specializes in designing and building high-end amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets for bass players.
When I started Vanderkley Amplification in 2005 my main goal was – and still is – to produce high quality, superb sounding bass amplification systems and provide excellent service.

“Designed to bring you the ultimate in bass amplification!”

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Marc Vanderkley

High Performance Bass Equipment

In my opinion, the starting point for a great bass sound is good playing on a well-built instrument. There are many different players and instruments out there, each with their individual character.

The gear I make is designed to reveal every little detail and nuance in the players’ style and the instruments timbre. So, the Spartan bass amplifier and neolite bass cabinets will do just that with extreme dynamic headroom and clarity across the entire frequency spectrum at any volume.

Each amplifier and cabinet is hand-made and tested by me, here at Vanderkley Amplification in the Netherlands.

I would like to invite you to visit Vanderkley Amplification and experience for yourself what my gear can do. Call or email for an appointment.

Vanderkley Amplification – The Netherlands

Marc Vanderkley

Molenstraat 4 – 8391AJ Noordwolde – The Netherlands – Holland
Phone: 0031 611 404 576
Skype: marc.vanderkley